Bridging Loans to Purchase Land

These loans can be a great tool for developers and builders that want to construct houses or commercial buildings. All that such people need is to have possession of a site which has all of the required legal permissions in place. Investors can employ bridging loans to build houses, apartments, or flats to earn a profit from their land.

Reasons to Choose a Land Purchase Bridging Loan

In todays world banks do not provide the loans for land purchases easily and people are frequently forced to look for alternative ways to raise the funds they need. We have a team of specialists that have the ability to provide consultancy services for such projects and arrange the short term financing required by developers and builders. Our team can help to arrange a land purchase bridging loan for developers to facilitate the start of the construction process. Building companies can get the funds almost immediately so they are free to start work on the new development.

Once these developers have completed their construction task, they can now sell these properties and obtain a handsome return on their investment. Alternatively they could consider getting these buildings refinanced on a long term financing basis, such as, mortgages. We deal with residential zoned areas, brown field sites, commercial land, and development property to arrange land purchase bridging loans to builders, developers, and investors.

If you would like more information about a land purchase bridging loan, or would value a consultation with us, then fill in the contact form and submit it to us. Our representative will contact you soon with all the information you require.