Bridging Loan Center

About us

We act as a principal bridge lender and loan broker. We are committed to providing a personal service that embodies excellence and transparency in every aspect of our dealings with our clients.

Why choose our services?

Being a principal funder we can act very fast if circumstances require it.
We have the ability and willingness to use our own resources for some loans.
We have access to a trusted partner network to source the best deals for our clients.
We have more than 20 years operating experience in this market.
We don't charge upfront fees. We keep all our costs to the minimum, and list them at the earliest opportunity.
2nd charges and regulated loans are available from us.
We do not impose a minimum or maximum bridging loan size.
Bridging loans are available on residential and commercial buildings, and land.

How can I use a bridging loan?

Business Funding: To provide short term working capital or for easing short-term cash-flow difficulties to keep your business moving.
Meet your tax liabilities: Pay any unexpected tax bills.
Fund a Buy-to-let investment: Don't let an investment opportunity slip away. Don't miss out through lack of accessible cash.
Refurbish your property: Use a bridging loan to upgrade your home or business property.
Buying property: Are you stuck in a property chain and in danger of losing your ideal home or do you plan to purchase at auction and need cash fast? A bridging loan may be the ideal solution.

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term alternative funding solution. It is used until a longer-term option becomes available. It is possible to secure a loan against most land or residential property in the United Kingdom whether or not that property happens to be habitable. While Bridging loans are most frequently used for expenses related to property you may use the funds for almost any legal purpose as long as that use has been agreed by the lender when the loan was approved.

As a company specializing in bridging loans we maintain excellent relationships with all major lenders and are able to ensure fast, trouble-free processing of your loan application. We are able, in some circumstances, to use our own resources for certain loans. Using our own funds enables the loan to be provided even faster than our usual processing time of 3-5 working days.
We have an FCA regulated principal and can therefore transact bridging loans on all property types. It only takes a single call for us to provide the answers you need. Our services are not limited by the size of the bridging loan you need and at present we have no maximum or minimum loan limit.

Rates for our bridging loans

Our rates start at only 0.59% per month for a term of up to 12 months. The rates vary depending on the criteria and the proposed use of the loan. Longer loan periods may be negotiated at the time loan is arranged or during the agreed term of the loan.

What is involved in applying a bridging loan?

We aim to provide your loan as quickly as possible. We will usually contact you within hours of receiving your written application, and supply you with a written contract soon after that.
Your signature can be obtained by email, post, or through personal visit. If you agree to proceed with the loan application then we will instruct the legal and valuation team begin work while the paperwork is still being processed. This will reduce the overall time required and ensure you are able to receive the funds you need even faster.
We are available to talk with you between 9AM-9PM Seven days a week. We can be reached during most holiday periods.